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Brantham Bowls Club


In the 1930's a factory was built in Brantham called BX Plastics. This became a main employer for the village and produced amongst many other things substitutes for ivory and tortoise shell to save the elephant and tortoise and this is now incorporated in our logo with charicatures of those animals. From the factory various sports clubs sprang up such as football, cricket, tennis and bowls and there was also a large social club. The factory was successful and in the 60's a sports complex, now known as the Brantham Leisure Centre, was built. This of course combined the sports but each had their own area including the bowls club but still remained a branch of the BLC as it is now known. In the last 10 years the BLC was further extended enhancing the already excellent facilities. BX Plastics changed its name several times but after some problems,  including a fire, it was closed down and the work moved elsewhere.