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Club Finals 2021

                                                                                   Winner                                           Runner-up                                                           

Mens BE 4 wood singles, Deeble Cup                      Glyn Jones                                     Mark Morsley  

Mens EBF 2 wood singles, Tad Webb Cup               Doug King                                      Nigel Foakes                             

Ladies BE 4 wood singles, BXL Rose Bowl              Andrea Dickinson                           Sue Stone

Ladies EBF 2 wood singles,  C & N Cup                   Andrea Dickinson                           Jackie Halsall

Mixed BE 4 wood singles,  The Shield                      Norman Lankester                          Mick Dickinson

Mixed 100 up                                                             Nigel Foakes                                  Andrea Dickinson

Mixed Handicap                                                         Andrea Dickinson                           Jackie Halsall

Mixed Handicap,  Friday Brooks Cup                       Andrea Dickinson                           Derreck Parry                                              

Mixed Roving Jack,  Peter Green Cup                     Andrea Dickinson                           Glyn Jones

Mixed BE 3 wood Drawn Pairs,  Goldsmith Cup     David Rand/Peter Smith                  Doug King/Bill Kempster          

Mixed Drawn Triples,  Rowland Cup    David Rand/Bill Kempster/Alan Goodridge         Peter Smith/Jackie Halsall/Geoff Theobald